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Little bit about me:

Name: Cameron
Age: 23
Gender: Boy (Yes, for some reason a lot of people don't expect that)
Favorite style: Anything different, I try to invent characters/creatures not use pre-made ones.
Favorite books: Ender series, City of Ember series, Terry Goodkind (at least the first 2-3 books.. got bored), Hell's Gate, Hell Hath no Fury (David Weber?).
Dislikes: Romance, I mean - it's good but its most the stories on FP - I like something that's more, different.
Music: MSI, Nightwish (old), Marilyn Manson, Placebo, Muse, Within Temptation, 8MM. Genre's: Avent Grande, Dark Caberet, Rock.
TV: Heros, Jerhico, Doctor Who, Stargate.

I am a 23 year old English Teacher.

Sorry if I went grammar crazy on a story, I know I myself have always struggled with it - so pointing it out on other people's works is just my method of trying to improve my own skills. Bear with me, and if you must snap back at me by killing one of my own stories, I won't mind, matter of fact I would love the support.

If you want me to look over one of your story's I will upon being asked look over the first bits of it - if its good I may continue and point out errors as i see them, if the writing needs a lot of work I may stop after a few paragraphs of explanation/editing.

Current Story: The End, The Blood Trail FROZEN - this story is old, currently working on the other one :)

This story has two parts on fictionpress, the first one labeled The End, The Blood Trail is from page one, the second part "Caught of Guard" is a clip about 30,000 words into the story. This clip is simply another example of the writing methods. It may be used as hook, a random excerpt from deep within the story that makes it sound like it must be something worth reading from the start.

It's about a boy age 16/17 (yes he does have a birthday somewhere in it..) who goes on a two month trip (on foot). He for some reason is attracted to this map, a map that is designed to show you were your "heart and soul truly wants to go" he doesn’t know why (yes you find out later) he is attracted to this map - or why he even decides to follow its possibly flawed information, but he follows it. He travels though some unreal terrain, trees large enough they shouldn’t be able to stand - a desert with such extreme weather it doesn’t seem possible, and a laboratory that shouldn’t exist. Once in the laboratory he meets a desperate scientist who sees the boy as proof he can escape from the laboratory. This is where the real adventure begins; this is where the Blood Trail starts. Let’s just say travel won’t be easy with a powerful gang of scientists chasing you down with their creations, while being tracked down by the police for murder, and even a little bit of the mafia up your ass.

I am currently looking for a better name for my main character, I'm currently using Peter but that was chosen well over 5 years ago, now I see its one of the most overused names in recent TV shows/books - I need a change.

Current Story: World War Four The Vampire Wars.
Cameron Cook

This story is a different twist actually set in the future of The End, The Blood Trail. It may have references to characters in The End that will not be thoroughly explained. (Because I always hated authors who re-explained objects/people every time they created a new book.) This book is on earth and it set in the slight future, just after the resolution of the 3rd world war, the war on terror. The world war with the smallest amount of casualties because it mostly revolved around politics and who controls who.

A girl starts changing. She evolves, gets massive power and decides she wants to use it to change the world. To fix it. Now of course this idea of hers will never work but she goes for it anyways. The result: the fourth world war. Not exactly what she intended. The war is later named after her and most of the blood shed is in her name. Next thing you know every superpower wants her on their side and it turns into a war of execution. A war of assassins and silent murders. corruption and the seeking of power. All of this made possible by the number one tool of murder. Her. Why can't she stop this madness? No one knows why she doesn’t just stop letting the world get thrust into madness. Letting it get thrown into the bloodiest war of humanity - The Vampire War.

Please note - that although this is a fairly decent piece that I still consider it the "Bones" of the true work. The complete story won't be posted on FP, but I will continue to upload my first draft of the story. Enjoy!

Cameron Cook

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