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I'm a dude.

Eye color: Purple and black (I wish. It's really brown)

Hair color: Black, Purple, and Red (Again, really brown)

Street address: Haha that's funny, like I'm gonna tell you

Time I take a shower: Again, not gonna tell you!

That's 'cause you don't take one!!

Shut up!! I do too!

No you don't!

Yes I do!!




Ahem...I have conversations with myself sometimes...I'm lonely (hangs head in shame, cries)...(Looks up, suddenly excited) Will YOU be my friend?(puppy dog eyes) I'll kill you if you don't be my friend (still with puppy dog eyes) I'm just kidding. I don't know where you live, so it would be kinda hard to kill you...

Random facts about me:

I have my left ear pierced (not gay ear. Not that I have anything against gay people) a fact which surprises a lot of people, despite the fact I've had it for almost a whole year.

I have long-shoulder length hair, so I get teased a bit about it.

I only have five real friends (I know, sad isn't it?)

All five of my friends are my best friends.

I wear a Kamelot logo wrist band on my right wrist. If you haven't heard of Kamelot, go look them up right now. RIGHT NOW! I am watching you. You better do it.

I'm a terrible artist, but still enjoy drawing.

I'm a dude.

Favorite Books (in no order)

The Holy Bible

The Koran

The Bartimaeus Trilogy

Harry Potter Series

The Inheritance Cycle


Maximum Ride, Artemis Fowl Series

Lord of the Rings

Enders Game


Favorite Bands (in no order)



30 Seconds To Mars


Three Days Grace

Breaking Benjamin

The Cr├╝xshadows

Decyfer Down

The Letter Black





Mortal Love

System Of A Down

Five Finger Death Punch




Amon Amarth

Blind Guardian


Nocturnal Rites


After Forever


Michael Jackson

David Barrett.

... and a lot more i can't think of

Favorite quotes:

My dad (after James rang my doorbell): You're going to the mall? You're getting in the car with him now?

Me: No. He just randomly came here. I met this guy with candy. He said to meet me at around 4:30.

James: "Did your pants just moan?

Me: "No. That was just the girl in my pants.

James: Oh. Obviously.

Ruby: Oh, so you're just too stupid to live, is that it? Then fine. You deserve hell. I wish I could be there, Dean. I wish I could smell the flesh sizzle off your bones! I wish I could be there to hear you scream!

Dean: And I wish you'd shut your pie-hole, but we don't always get what we want. Supernatural Season 3 episode 16

Jack Sparrow: Have you come because you need my help to save a certain distressing damsel? Or rather, damsel in distress? Either one. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

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