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Hi, I am also called Purple Snowstorm on Fanfiction and I have a part-boyfriend. The thing is, we met five days before we admitted our love. Now I won't see him for three years unless I can arrange something.

My Works:

Discontinued Chapter Stories:
Listen To Your Heart: In east Albuquerque, New Mexico, nights were filled with twinkling stars as far as the eye could see. Cool air would surround your body, giving you as sense that nothing bad would ever happen. This is where this Christian story begins and takes place.

Chapters Written: 1 1/2

Chapters Released: 1

Chapters Planned: N/A

Note: I wrote this to the point where it was a 27,500 word piece of crap and then discontinued it. Sorry~

Complete Poems:
I Am: This is a free verse poem on how I think others view me and my friends.

Reality: Another free verse poem on my view of reality.

Over and Over: How my heart's been shattered over time, very emotional.

Love Hurts, Lust Kills: A poem about love and lust.

As you can see, I write hurt poems really well because they relate to my life. However, everyone who knows me =coughFuryfurcough= thinks I'm a complete whiner and my poems are just me complaining. That's what I don't like as much about my friends. When I write something from the heart, they make fun of it because they knew exactly what had happened to press me to write the poems. However, everyone else really likes them. So, Furyfur, I'd try reading them like you didn't know what and who they were about and just feel them from the heart, kay? Got it? Good.

Attention! I will be starting a one hundred themes challenge. I'm going to attempt a series of one hundred one-shots, each revolving around one theme of life.

Chapter one is to be about childhood. I'll be posting the table of contents in a few days.

Okay, I lied about posting it in a few days. Sorry about that; I didn't have enough time to finish it. Major stress due to an earthquake last week and I submitted another poem due to what happened today.

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