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March 24, 2005- I have published the twenty-ninth chapter of The Minstrel Boy. Lotsa blood and gore. Fun. The chapter is dedicated to Lady Netiri, my 200th reviewer. *sheepishly* And thanks to Rose Shard for pointing out my mistake. *grovels before Lady Netiri*

April 27, 2005- I have published the fifteenth chapter of Oistin Leir. A new character is introduced, and everyone gets to have a scene in this one.

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They are of the LotR, Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, Ronin Warriors, and Protector of the Small persuasion.

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The Minstrel Boy (Slash, m/m) IN PROGRESS

Set in a medieval era, this fantasy tale recounts the adventures of Zamiral, a young man who was once heir to a dukedom of Reban and is now a slave in the house of his enemy, the king of Sladis. His life gets even more complicated when the sovereign's only son returns after years away...

Oistin Leir (Slash, m/m) IN PROGRESS

Set in modern day, this is a fantasy novel that incorporates Newton's theory of "Everything has an equal but opposite reaction." There are demons and angels, Beasts and Beauties, and humans inadvertantly help keep the balance. Oistin Leir is the Beast-Slayer, destined to try and save innocent mortals' sanity and keep his own at the same time, while angels and demons get in the way as much as possible.

Amends for the Dead (Slash, m/m) IN PROGRESS

In a future where gene-shifts are common-place and democracy is a thing of the past, Tyrell, a relative of one of the world leaders, finds himself trapped in a deadly game of politics. He cannot escape the web of deception and lies surrounding one mysterious figure from his past, one face and name that he cannot remember, no matter how important that person was to him...

This Passing Strangeness (Slash, m/m) IN PROGRESS

Set in modern day, Tiberius Munin is an average teenager, albeit with a very young father and a mother who's having an affair with the plumber. Still, he's content with his life until two "aliens" show up and tell him that he's needed to hunt the creatures of darkness. Suddenly he's thrown into a world where men transform into wolves, succubi and incubi really exist, people have "healing hands," and many, many people are out to kill /him/ (including his own teammates)...

Vials of Wrath (Shounen ai) ON HIATUS

Set in an industrial era, this fantasy world has seen the rise of the humans, the enslavement of the demons, and the supposed extinction of the Bellus. Now, however, the demons are rising, and a pacifist called Julian will find himself swept into a war, the consequences of which he could never imagine.

Contemplations (Bisexuality) ON HIATUS

Without a specific time or an actual place as a setting, this is the melancholy musings of a bisexual woman who is in love with her best friend.

The Prophecy of the Faerie Hunter ON HIATUS

Set in ancient times on the world of Suolo, the faeries of the world have been hunted and killed, and they have decided to slay the man known as the Faerie Hunter. A clumsy elf named Jilikien, a cynical Fire Elemental named Truciler, and a sword-obsessed human named Arnicas find themselves trapped in the midst of a vague and morbid prophecy.

Three Poems of Unrequited Love COMPLETE

Well, they're three poems of unrequited love... They are titled, "Requiem of a Glass Heart," "Ill-timed Devotion," and "A Beauty Inside."

When It Pours (Profanity) COMPLETE

A brief spiel about feeling like your world is about to end--and wanting it to.

Original Encounters COMPLETE

A one-shot companion to The Minstrel Boy which is made up of a few stories about the first meetings of several of the characters.

October 15, 2002- Note: The homepage isn't technically mine, but one of my friends, who hosts my fiction on her site! *smiles* Visit, if you'd like!

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