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For those of you who have been following Once Upon a Sex Dream, it has been renamed and published. in case you are wondering yes it's been edited, yes I’ve gone over it with a fine tooth comb more than 6 times. Changes have been made; I won't tell you which. it will be available on for purchase. in e-book and paperback form. i encourage you to re-read the story. and should you feel like reviewing it you can do that at the the publishing site or on Amazon. It's not available as of yet, but should be soon; I’m hoping.

If you are reading this you have stumbled across my profile, I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get anything written here. But it seems that every time that I try to update it the connection resets, or I loose the connection.

I hope that you like my stories and poems and that they have touched you in some way. I have been writing stories far longer than I have poems, writing is something that truly makes me happy.

As you can see from my avatar what I look like there is no need to go into detail for you can plainly see what look like. Right now my favourite food is hot dogs. It changes from week to week, depending on what my kids are hungry for.

I guess I forgot to tell you, I have three kids. A set of twin girls and a little boy. They are a handful and they tend not to let me get anything done, on more than one occasion. I am trying to get this story done, but I cant seem to get enough time in the day to do so. So if you are waiting for another chapter or poem, please be patient the only time I get to work on my stories are when the kids are sleeping or napping, and after I get the house work done.

So if you like what you have read here, I hope that you will check out this other site, I have other poems and stories and some pictures too. So please look at this link.


Once Upon a Day dream when I decide to start working on it again will be re-named, Unplanned Daydream. The plot won't change much but i'm thinking of changing a few things from the chapters i already have up. don't look for it before june, as i'm in the process of working on a couple of Harry Potter fanfictions over on Fanfiction.net. if your bored stop over and check it out, if you like

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