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Hello :D

I'm not going to write a big introduction about myself, I don't think people will want to read that.

I love writing, I think that much is obvious. It's amazing how much it's helped me in a way.

I also love music, I can't really write without music and am always listening to something. It's a big help.

My Stories:

My sixth and latest pillowbook.
I didn't like my last one. It just wasn't... me.
Prydferth is the Welsh word for beautiful. To me my 1st to 4th pillowbooks are beautiful in a way. My 5th one is definitely not. So I'm changing that with this one.
Started - 5/11/2010

Her Life In Writing
This is a pillowbook. I was inspired by the other pillowbooks on FictionPress so thought I'd join the trend and start my own. It's probably nothing that you haven't read already, just random thoughts and feelings that sometimes pop into my head.
30/06/2009 - I've written up to chapter 94 now, I'm not sure whether to stop at 100 or carry on. The pillowbook is almost finished anyway.
27/07/2009 - Finished! New pillowbook to come soon :)
New Pillowbook: I Predict A Riot

Part One: My Life
I started this when I was 15 and then abandoned it for 3 years. I didn't really know what to call it so this is just a temporary name for now. The first chapter I wrote when I was 15, the second chapter I wrote just recently. Both chapters are written quite differently, I think you can tell how much I've changed by this. The first chapter is quite short, I'll probably end up rewriting it at some point. I haven't really got a plan for this story. I just wrote as the story entered my head, so I don't know if I'm going to write any more chapters. I suppose I will, at some point when I get the urge
14/03/2010 - Taken down for now.

The End Is Just The Beginning
Also something I started when I was 15 or 16. But then I rewrote it in more detail and in a more mature way, I think so anyway. I have plans for this story, I know where it's going. The plot has changed a bit from when I first started writing. I had ideas of what I wanted for Maddie and Sam but these have changed and now I'm not sure where to go with it. I suppose it's something I'll have to ask the readers. Whatever path I choose to go down though it will still be a similar story, more or less. I've always known how this story was going to end from the day I started writing it. I'm just a bit slow at writing this because I lack motivation. But I'll get there some day :)
30/06/2009 - Chapter 11 is now up, I aim to finish the story by September so hopefully I'll start writing more of this. I still lack motivation though, because I now know how it is going to end.
05/08/2009 - I seem to be writing this so slowly that by the time I go to write the next chapter, I've forgotten what happened in the chapter before! I aim to finish this by 25th September, because if I don't finish it before then I probably never will! I need someone to say 'oi, where's the next chapter' haha any volunteers? lol
14/03/2010 - I've posponed writing this for a little while, I will finish sooner or later though! (The way things are going, more like later..)

The Life Of The Party
If anyone wants to beta read this story I would be really grateful :)
30/06/2009 - So far I've only put up one chapter onto fictionpress... One day I randomly got an idea in my head about a story and then I thought about it for days. I thought I'd write it up before I forgot the idea, and I put it on here to get feedback. I'm not going to write anymore on this for a while.
05/08/2009 - I have more ideas for this story now! I aim to write a chapter each week in hope that I will finish it soon :)
14/03/2010 - I know I've abandoned this a bit, but I've started writing again after a busy few months! (Starting uni etc.)

Not Just A Normal Vampire Story, In Fact, Not A Vampire Story At All
30/06/2009 - This is just a temporary title for now until I can think of a better one. This idea has been floating around in my head for ages and now I'm finally putting it onto paper. I want to write a few chapters before I put it up onto fictionpress but it will be here to read sometime this summer. It's not like anything I've ever written before so I'm really interested in it.
14/03/2010 - New ideas on the horizon :) I can't really write more than two stories at the moment, but I have ideas. I may write a little sneak preview though (y'know, just to see iff anyone's interested :D )

And if you've got to the end of this then thank you. And thank you for reading anything I've written... if you do. It's always appreciated :)

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