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Kurai Suki
Joined Jan '09

Name: Kurai Suki

Age:-sighs-who knows shrugs My friends say I'm 2 years old!!w

Looks: Im a girl. Use your imagination...On second thought...don't. I would prefer not to have some pervs picture meh. .

Personality: Happy, hyper, smartical, wierd, bizzare, goofy, and bitchy. It is hard to piss me off but when you do I will tear you to pieces...ok, not really. Imma wimp'

Location: My own little world of rainbows, sparkles, and platypuses!!-skips in a circle merrily throwing leaves everywhere-What? Im too broke to aford flower petals!!-runs off crying-

Fun Facts: I'm a lesbian but don't assume I'm one of those stereotypical dikes(sp?). I do have hair similar to a boys but only because I jump around so much any long hair get tangled and is too much trouble for my lazy ass to take care of. But besides the short hair I am not tough, not boyish, and well, not dikey at all. (although they are smexy~) I'm very very girly and wimpy. I love love LOVE platypuses!!

Personal Quotes:

"If you don't like how I am then either get over it or find someone else because I'm too damn lazy to change anything!" -ME!!

"I loooovvvveeeee yyyyoooouuuu~ " -me and my friends tell this to each other as a small joke.

"I own you bitch!" -again, something me and my friends say.

"You whore! You're cheating on me!!" -again, me and my friends (yes, we joke around like that cus once the whole school thought our group was all dating each other...although now a couple of us are dating inside the group)

"You think gays are creepy? Well guess what, I think straight people are creepy!" -my girlfriend told this to this homophobic boy at our school xD Now he won't quit starring at us!! (btw, we don't really think straight people are creepy. Just that particular boy.)

my girlfriend-"You're my pancake!" me-"Oh yea, well, you're my muffin!"

"You're like a leech!!" -Gena!! Cus I insist on attaching myself to her in a hug everytime I see her and I don't let go!! =P

"Kirsty-kins!! My love!!" -me and Kelin. I came up with that name for our friend Kirsten and now we both call her that.

"If you know what I mean~ Wink wink nudge nudge wiggle wiggle!" -Kirsty-kins and me. Don't ask how this got started, I just know it can make lotsa stuff sound pervy.

My fav music:

...erm...idk @_@ I don't have any. I just listen to watever. Except rap, some techno, and screamo. I especially love japanese music. But I sadly don't understand it. hehe '

My fav books:

-Secret Circle series

-Vampire Diaries series

-Nightworld series

-almost any manga

-Darkside series

-Dead Girls Dont Write Letters

-Hook a fish, Catch a mountain. (I thin thats what it's called)

-Maragold(i think...idk)

-The Secret Life of Bees (I know it sounds stupid but it was sooooo good!!)


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