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so i'm an absolute weirdo. not much else to say on that. i like my characters to reflect my many moods and personalities (all of which that i'm aware of), therefore, hopefully, making them as real as possible. to get more a taste of me check out my blogspot. if you've got that facelibro or myspazz, you can search for me there as well.

i'm always working on several projects at a time and developing as the inspiration hits me. reviews are always welcome and i'll love the feedback either way. it shows you took the time to read in the first place. i will return the favour as well.


new year, new ambitions. and one is to finish what i've started. i've been working on Grey a lil bit and have the next few chapters lined up for publish. keep an eye out. i got a few subscibers to Progeny but i'm not sure if i should post anymore to that. no reviews made on it and you know that's fuel to my fire. Obsidian has also been on my mind but haven't been writing on it as much. it's terribly fluff (aside from the language) and write now i'm feeling a little bit heavy. i have another project in mind (as usual) to post as well, but like i said, i want to finish what i've got here. thanks again for your support. and patience!

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