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S t a c e e e e e e e y :)

Here's my failed attempt at an interesting profile lol:

My name's Stacey but I go as pretty much whatever you'll call me.. I have tan skin and I'm 5'10-ish. I'm A CHICK!! :D I'm what u might call a down-to-earth kind of person. I'm from Chicago but I've lived in California for most of my life. I'm into art , video games (I pwn in GTA and Jak3 :D ), listening to and making music (playing my guitar), hanging with friends and enjoying myself, but most importantly, expressing myself (I write, too, but probably won't post anything up on here because I don't trust my writing ability)

I can be sensitive and very understanding but, being me, I can also be sarcastic and make you laugh. I love making people smile whether or not it comes from my stupididity, Randomness-icity or my sensitivity. I JUST LOVE DOING IT! :)

I'm a frequent reader and reviewer of a lot of stories and authors on this site and I felt the need to finally make an account for those who wanted to personally respond to my reviews. My favorite genre is Supernatural because going beyond our limits, as humans, is a very strong idea to me. That, and supernaturals are sexy :D

As for meeting new people and making friends.. I won't judge your race, religion, or sexual orientation and I expect the same in return... as long as you give off a chilll vibe and have a personality to match.. You and I should be good friends :D

I don't really have a high tolerance level for homophobes. I believe that everyone deserves to be treated as a person and if you don't believe as much, it's probably better for your mental health not to talk to me.

A Few More "Interesting" Facts About Me:

-From Chicago, IL originally but moved to California when I was five.

-Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a major art nut.

-My Avatar is actually a picture of me.

-My best friends are the most sarcastic lamers I know (aside from myself) and I love them. They're considered family to my family.

-I play the guitar but I'm no guitar hero. (It's funny because I kind of suck at that game)

-I love singing. (I never said I was good at it, though)

-I'm straightedge meaning that I've never even tasted alcohol. The closest I've ever gotten to smoking anything is by walking by people smoking on the street. I plan on keeping it that way, too.

-My ethnic background is so mixed up that it hurts to think about it. I'm basically the human equivalent to a mutt.

-I'm into many different types of music but some genres I cannot possibly stand. Namely, 'gangsta rap'. Today's version of what hiphop and R&B is, is okay in small, small dosages.

-Sarcasm is my first language but I do know when and where it's appropriate for it to be spoken.

-I'm just generally a laid back person. I'm not shallow but I'm not an airhead either. I enjoy many of the simple things in life, like music and art- wait, that should be another bullet thingy! Scroll down to the next point.

-Music and Art are in my blood. Apparently my grandmother was very talented in the drawing department. My four uncles are all musicians as they all play more than one instrument. I guess I didn't only inherit the sarcasm gene from them. ;) So if sarcasm is my first language, music is my second, though its kind of tied with my love for many types of art.

-I love piercings and tattoos. Actually, I have seven piercings (Well, nine, if you count the industrial as two) and no tattoos yet. I plan on getting a back piece of wings, even as cliche and as common as it is. I aspire to become a tattoo artist.

-I despise, and I mean despise homophobia and racism. I see no point in neither. I mean really, if you think spending your time trying to put someone down is considered worth your time, then you absolutely have no life. Yep, see. You're just a big lamer. :\

I'm not going blab about myself too much but that's a little look into who Stacey is. :)

Anything else you'd like to know, just ask!

The Autumn Effect is up and running! :D Sort of...

Here's a better summary:

Aidan Tyler is a seventeen year old girl on her journey to find out who she is all while trying to survive her last year in high school. So far with her best friends and loving parents at her side, it's been great...until she's attacked. That fateful night led her to find that not only are her parents not her parents but she's come to find that she isn't completely human. As if that wasn't the tip of the iceberg, the supernatural freaks that attacked her may be the only link she has to her biological parents.

Alsooo! I've created a site for TAE! There are a few small bios and pictures (some temporary) of what the characters kind of look like. Be careful though, it kind of contains a few spoilers! :)


That's the URL! Check it out and tell me what you think :D

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