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Hi, my name's Millie.

I am a freak about grammar - if you're not gonna write it right, then don't write it at all!

But swearing I have nothing against.

I love reading all the stories on here, but I prefer action and supernatural. And maybe just a bit of romance ;). Also, I've recently discovered my like for crime and mafia and gang type stories, especially with Russian themes in them :). I also like werewolves.

I really love stories with female main characters and with alternating point of views. And if those females happen to kick ass, I may just love the writer forever :).

And I ALWAYS review. I think it's just cruel to read someone's story and not comment. Why?

One more thing - I do not write, and that is one thing I can say with 100 percent certainty but I always have random ideas floating around in my head.

If I add a story to my favourites, I only keep it if it's either completed and I love it, or it updates within two weeks. I know, it's kinda cruel, but it's efficient and I don't get stuck with random stories that will never finish.

Also - I love it when people update. It may seem kind of sad, but I am ridiculously excited when I see that a story has been updated. I check my email everyday just for those special alerts!!

Now, onto the topic of plagiarism. It is wrong, cruel and anyone who does it is a bitch. Including guys. I have never written a story but I can guess at the time and effort you guys go into writing your stories. I am, sadly, not as talented as you guys and am forced to stick with reading and reviewing. But hey - if you guys like reviews, then you'll love me :D. Also, I can say with absolute certainty that I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever plagiarise. And IF I did, which I won't, people would know because I'm really an idiot when it comes to writing :), so people would immediately know.

Keep up the good work, you crazy talented writers - I for one rely on you guys to keep me sane :).

P.S. Open up your plans and damn you're free! - Jason Mraz

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