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Hello (waves hands at you to get your attention)

Yeah down here...(go down)

... Welcome to my profile page.

Okay funs over, let's get down to some serious business then shall we:

My story, "Me? A Hero? Are you on drugs?"Is currently on a HUGE hiatus and I am really really really sorry. BUT - I will be getting to it at some point. I'm going to scrap what I have and start again with a different title (maybe) but I am slowly working on a rewrite for it. Unfortunately, it is slow going because I'm working on stories for .

"The Antichrist" most likely will be a failed project. However...I am considering rewriting this. I have a better idea for it.

If you'd prefer to read some of what I write, you can find me at: www.fanfiction.net/u/1592097/ I prefer this work to what I have on here.

Once again SORRY if you were expecting a decent story to read. I have none yet.

But, I am currently working on "Me? A hero? Are you on drugs?" It's coming along slowly but trust me, I'm starting to build on it. The idea for it is still in my mind. I will put up links for what the major three characters, in my views, would look like.

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