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Cadie Rose PM
Joined Feb '09

Fav authors: Sylvia Plath (The Bell Jar), Ernest Hemingway, JK Rowling, Jane Austin, Haper Lee, Sue Limb, Ann Brashares, Joseph Heller, Joseph Conrad, Shakespear, Meg Cabot

Music: any kind. i'm especially fond of artists who write their own personal, meaningful lyrics for obvious reasons

Gender: I think the name says it all, but for the record I am female. I don't give out any other personal info. for safety reasons.

and as a general rule i will review for everything i read. i don't make a point to "review back" but if someone reviews , i'm usaully curious and look through the things they have submitted, which cumilates in me reviewing it since i find it rather rude to read and not submit any feedback. if you want me to review anything in particular just message me and ask.

well it's official now. i am removing my poetry for many reasons, but mostly my fear of the rampant plagerism that has been occurring. I'll be posting a new story later in the month, so keep an eye out. Message me if you have any questions

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