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ABOUT ME: Who is a person with out a name? Hi my names Alison . I've been reading on fictionpress for a while now but I just signed up . I'm bisexual and really don't like homophobes. I’m tall and free spirited. I’m a dreamer who is always in lala land. Night time is magnificent and full of life; as you can see I’m a night person. I love my friends and family more than words can explain. School is a game to me. Writing and reading makes up my everyday life; yes I’m a nerd/bookworm! Singing is one of my many talents. Without music I would surely go insane, well more insane anyways. Like I said in my last sentence I’m insane and love it. I’m easy to get along with, well most of the time anyways. Colors are beautiful, but I also really love black! Vain people bother me. Rain is excellent. The moon is a wonder when its rays hit the water. Snow is simply gorgeous. I never get tired of winter and fall. I love the cold, it’s accelerating. I’m perverted and like it that way!! I’m random when I don’t know what to say. Well if you want to know more message me and I'll get back to you!

Random information: I love slash and yaoi! Manga and anime are a big part of my life. I live in Texas and I hate hot weather! When reading I love the fluffy stuff and the lemons. I have never read a straight fiction on this site or any other. I don't have a favorite manga or anime. People think I'm weird but I like it that way. I'm all for gay rights and gay marriage.

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