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Well what to say about myself...I have a very unusual name that people have found multiple nicknames for, ranging from Tammy to Paprika. I am still attending high school (sadly...but only one more year after this!). I'm not what you would call a quiet person so feel free to email me about whatever. I love when people critique my work =) so please go crazy! But only constructive criticism and advice, thats how we learn as authors. I'm also a big fan of helping people out with there story ideas, so just message me and I would be more than happy to help you out as best as I can.

10 little tidbits of info about me

1) My all time favorite book in the whole world is "City Of Bones" by Cassandra Clair (if you haven't read it, DO IT!)

2) I work at Starbucks and I am terribly addicted to coffee

3) I have a dog named willy...he's a golden retriever/ shitzu...and the mother was the golden retriever (figure that one out)... i also have a cat named winston that my mom swears is a spawn of 666

4) Im absolutely in love with riding...and anything to do with horses really

5) I cant wait for the summer because i'm going to Europe with my sister! (and its my birthday)

6) Im not ashamed to break out into any disney song in the middle of a crowded room...i mean who hasn't?

7) Hate when people pretend to be something there not...this and people cracking there knuckles is my biggest pet peev

8) My body twin is about the best twin you could ever have!

9) My favourite band is... I dont have one, any suggestions?

10) I have a very strange fetish for stationary (aka anything form Staples.) But in my opinion the best object you could possibly own is tape

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