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Kit Cat 157 PM
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Hi! How are ya?

I'm Kit Cat 157! That's what my friends call me... well at least without the 157. What does the 157 stand for? I've no idea! I guess it just makes me unique! Just like my cat! Unfortunately the ears don't show for some reason.

I love reading. And I love writing. Every week end I'm on my computer writing for at least four hours (I lose track of time!). I have many stories I am working on, most of which I have not even uploaded yet! I guess I want to finish the basic idea before I ask for feedback! The stories (and the odd poem!) that I do have up, please read and review. Tell me what you liked and what you didn't. I love reviews. Doesn't everyone?!

Thank you to everyone who reviews my stories. You've been a big help.

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