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Mister Melancholy PM
Joined Feb '09

mel·an·chol·y (mĕl'ən-kŏl'ē) n.
1. Sadness or depression
2. Like, emo-ness
3. Mister Melancholy: An amateur authoress who writes amateur stories and has an irrational love for cute pairings of any kind, the color yellow and the eccentric taste of all yellow items, and making fun of almost everything whilst using tons of sarcasm


Currently Working On...

• Horroscope (the series)
When seventeen-year-old Alec Grey accidentally makes a contract with the devil, he is forced on a journey throughout the depths of hell in order to find out how exactly to break the contract and set himself free from the clutches of death. However, wasn't that what he wanted in the first place--to die

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