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I'm a harried college student on my last leg (year) of school. I do papers, papers, papers. I study. I eat. I sleep. I study. It's a stressful cycle, but the end appears to be in sight. Or at least, it appears closer than it was last year.

What do I right for a profile on Fictionpress anyway? Should I write my resume as a bookmeister of the world? Very well.

I was a prodigious reader before school became such a hindrance to my free time. I read mostly Science-Fiction and Fantasy books. Science-Fiction enthralls me with its prophetic powers. Ecologic SF, as well as Genetic SF are my favorites. Since I'm not a space major, I find terms easier to understand when they're dealing with the environment, or with biology. Hard SF dealing with spaceships that have a lot of jargon on weapons models, spacecraft, and calculations between parsecs, light years, etc, require more than average concentration on my part. Fantasy, on the other hand, is just a beauty. I like magic. I don't think it's real, but I like it. Fantasy is a lot like SF, because it also talks about strange worlds, a lot of things can be different. Politics, economy, society, mores, etc, magic and technology both have a huge impact. These kinds of stories are ones I enjoy a lot.

As a writer, I can't say I'm much of one. I write when I feel like it, which is, not a lot. I don't seem to have the patience for it. Currently, I'm trying to write regularly in my journal, but it's getting filled up by more doodles than words.

Well, I am a reader, not so much, a writer, and am also a reviewer. That's right. I have a blog dedicated to reviews of SF and F books. I can't update regularly due to school, but I'm being patient. Graduation will give me freedom.

Who knows? Aside from reader, pseudo-writer, and reviewer, I might also become a bookstore owner some day. I'm already making some plans, and my mom says she's willing to loan me money. It might just come true.


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