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Pig In A Dollhouse
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Well hello.

Why yes, I AM a hedonistic pansexual transvestite.

Do you mind?

Most people just call me Howl.

I'm sixteen. In my head, I'm in my sixth year at Hogwarts. In real life, I'm attending a distinctly non-magical high school, where I'm in fifth year. My school is lovely, but sadly inhabited by dolts. However, it is also inhabited by a very babe-ish teacher-person, with whom I am madly in love with. She's yummy and lovely and voluptuous and gorgeous and delicious and all the other nice adjectives you can possibly think of and I intend to marry her one day.
She doesn't know this yet.

I love many things, the aforementioned babe-teacher and writing particularly, but I am inclined to become glittery and purple, so please let me know I'm blinding you with my sparkly violet ramblings.

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