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So I've never been a huge fan of introductions, and yet...

I've mulled over it for some time and I've finally gathered a few random facts about myself:

1. Movies & books & dramas = LOVELOVELOVE.

2. Food is one of my greatest joys in life.

3. I’m ticklish.

4. I take a while to warm up to strangers. But yes, once the ice is broken, you may realize I actually do have a personality. Shocking, I know.

5. I’m a sucker for flattery. You get brownie points like mad.

I'm a kid inside, pictures attract me. So if you like looking over pretty pictures: http:///SimplyImaginative. Check me out, yo. Alright, so read over my stories, love it, hate it, review. Who doesn't like those? Throw me a bone and lemme know what you think, yeah? Okay. I'm done here. Arrivederci. Ciao. Au revoir. Peace out, y'all.

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