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I am not a writer but I have a friend who is and while I was searching websites for her to publish her work I have been reading orginal stories and now I am addicted. Like I said I am no writer but I like to help other writers when they have writers block etc. I try to give a very honest review and no hold bars approach. . I am not a writer as such but like to read and give ideas or help out those who have writers block.

I read that a lot of the authors on this site had to take down their wonderful stories due to plagiarism, that bites (I would say more but do not want to crupt the innocent. LOL!) It is a shame that it had to happen as I would of loved to read your stories. :( If I start to read a story and no that I have read it before I usually let both authors now that its a copy or based off the original I will let the original author now of such first.

A little about me:

AGE: Well... some of you could guess but I will give you a clue. I am older then 25 and not quiet 40. You do the math. LOL!

LOCATION: The gutter or my mind is or is that the storm water drain? LOL! Seriously SE Queensland is as close as your gonna get. Sorry.

INTERESTS: The usual warp innocent minds, sacrificing virgins. LOL!

READING: Porn Mags. LOL! Just kidding. I think my fav book would have to be Dune.

MOVIES: Anything with a plot, story line and actors that can act. Mainly I really like Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, Ever After, Practical Magic.

I have a very dry warped sense of humour at times. I do make so far Voltorn AMVs which are listed at bottom. I will branch out onto Sailor Moon and Robotech Macross. My favourite anime couples are Keith/Allura (Voltron), Serena/Darien (Sailor Moon) and Rick/Lisa (Robotech Macross) one day once I have enough eps of both Sailor Moon and Robotech I will do a video of all three couples.

Take Care. :D


Stay With Me (KA Amv)

Blown Away (Voltron Force vs Doom)

Captain Keith Kogan Wake Me Up

Keith and Allura Gambling for Love (formerly known as I'm Yours)

I'm a Believer Keith and Allura

Allura Is Not Impressed By Lotor

Doom Girls: Haggar and Merla

Keith & Allura: Forever Love

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