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La la la. What to say?

I love writing. Rather, I love writing reviews. So if you have a story you really want me to review, drop me a note. I'm good at constructive criticism.

Me: I live somewhere on Earth, believe it or not (insert rampant sarcasm). And I'm medium sized and have dishwater blonde hair. I speak french pretty well. J'ai passe une annee a Montreal en un ecole prive de francais. J'aime vraiment Mes Aieux pour la musique.

Favorite Words!

1. glomp - the action of enthusiastically hugging someone. Found this on the Maximum-X forums.

Me: Becca! So nice to see you!

Becca: Hi Nadia...

Me: glomps joyfully

2. pugnacious - ready for a fight. Encountered this word in Of Mice and Men.

Vesper, from How High, is very pugnacious. ( http://www. fictionpress. com/s/2416484/1/How_High )

3. titillate - to excite pleasurably. Vocab word - woot!

The aroma of the simmering oignions titillated his senses after being deprived of anything with flavor for a week.

4. Huggle - hug/snuggle. Part of my everyday vocab.

Kate: ok, lolz ttyl

Me: kthxbai huggles

Kate: wtf?

Me: ...

5. squashy - soft, malleable. One of my favorite words, along with "squelch"

The couch consumed me as I sat down in it. Needless to say, it was squashy.

6. touriquet - something used prevent loss of blood

When my friend's dad's leg got caught in a boat propeller, he was reluctant to use a touriquet because he might've had to have had his leg amputated as a result.

Ooo. Another story! This time a horror one. You R&R, me give you review. Tu comprends?

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