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I love Beck, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Beatles, the Pillows, anime... tons of other things... writing poems... drawing... dreaming of making music and movies... and maybe some music videos... in flash!... listening music... reading books... like Harry Potter and LOTR and some Star Wars ones too. I also LOVE animutations! God yes, they are my stuff!!!! http:///animutation
Lemon Demon (who also started animutations) is an awesome musician as well! http:///lemondemon
and very recently I went to an anime convention, which was so much fun! ^_^
Reviews would be very much appreciated!

oh yea, and here is some random info...
Name: Jamie
Age: 20
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'7 (ermmm or 5'8 whatever)
and umm yea. thats about it for now. Thanks for reading.. oh wait I already said that ^_^
Please feel free to contact me!!!! GIVE ME feedback! I needs it!
And as Beck once sang: "Keep your lamplight trimmed and burning!"

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