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Personal Description... Hmm. Well.

I love words. beautiful words, ugly words, funny, funky, odd and bizarre words. love them.

I love light. not to sound like a human-morphed-moth or anything, but i'm pretty sure i couldn't live without light.

like... like, as in, i would probably die.

Okay. forgive that obvious display of scientific idiocy. i shall attempt a facade of normality from this moment forward, and together, we will set out to obliterate that last sentence. (Yes, i am fully aware of the backspace button. Pretend I am hand-writing all this in the blackest of india inks.)

To make this personal business short, let me put it this way: if you were to walk into my room of a world, (probably barging in without knocking, conceited little oaf that you are. really. is there is no respect for privacy anymore?) you would probably find me reading. or writing. or violining. (new verb for creating ethereal, angelic sounds on an instrument named the violin. just accept the new vocab.) unless of course you found me with another person. That changes things somewhat. With that thrown into the equation, i could be doing anything from malicious scheming, plotting, fuming, and arguing, to talking, laughing, and half-talking-half-laughing. Oh. Do not dare to forget cleaning. I'm a small bit of a neat freak.

Also, i love love. Really. If there was a mr. right in the world, i would expect him (granted!) to be all mine. and preferably irish.

(forgive the melodrama. i can't seem to help myself.) =)

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