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I'm 26, male, and straight. My girlfriend is a fan of Japanese yaoi anime, but I am not. I have no desire to watch something simply because its yaoi based, but I must admit the first yaoi I watched, Gravitation, is a rather nicely done piece of work. My girlfriend writes on this site, which creates an unusual opportunity for me. You see, I'm extremely competitive, even with her, even on small things. After noticing some Sailor Moon pages she colored back when she was in a sorority in an all-girl college, I decided to one-up her by coloring my own (which turned out damn good). It is only natural then, that my ego will not let me allow her writing to go unchallenged. Therefore, I signed up here to write a yaoi fic of my own.

Even though I've never done this, I pride myself on my writing talent. It is my goal to make the fic I am in the process of writing one of the single best fics of its kind ever written. Arrogant maybe, but thats life I suppose.

Who knows? If it turns out well enough, I may keep this up.


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