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Update as of 8-2-12 -

Hi Folks,

I don't know that anyone will ever see this, but just in case...

I used to be an author on FicPress. That was before I decided writing was no longer an option for my foreseeable future. That being said, I've gone thru and deleted all my stories on here (after backing them up of course) and now only use my profile for reviews.

I will be moving all my archived stories to my LJ account, for a number of reasons, chiefly being that it's Friends Only, so I can control the exposure level. I would absolutely LOVE to have any readers follow me over to LJ, even if just to friend me :) My LJ account is ariadnescurse . livejournal . com - remove the spaces between the words and the period marks _

It's been fun FicPress, thanks for the opportunity to post my stories. But even more importantly, thanks for the chance to read so many amazing authors!


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