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First a bit about my rather eccentric reviews, I tend to write one or two review before writing a story or author off OR I add it to my favourite stories and alerts and tend not to write any other reviews unless I'm trying to encourage a new author.

Well I'm about 177cm and 70 kilos (Metric scale makes sense), Australian, is oddly obsessed with Final Fantasy Fantasy despite never played one before dodges E-projectiles (I actually started getting interested in FF in genral because of this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAZzzC41Yw4(FF XIII comes out on 360:D(But in 2010 in all parts of the world except Japan))), likes first person shooters on console (Halo rokz, so does 360), loves RTS on computer (SUPREME COMMANDER!!1!1!!0.o, haz to play on lowest detail though T.T) plays tennis, claims ownership of about 200 fanfic and 'original' fictional ideas that are in various states of disemberment.

I would start writing as I have an actually pretty well formed plot in my head, but cannot write because of HIGH SCHOOL, OMG o_0, so after after high school I'll start wri- UNIVERSITY, OMG o_0, so after after university I'll start wri- JOB, OMG o_0...well as you can see this fails badly for me DX. Spare time? Whut? Ohh time when you don't stuff...whuh?

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