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I'm constantly on the search for great writing. I've been reading original fiction here for years now and decided to get an account finally. I do write occasionally, but I've been a reader for so long, I'm pretty much a slow writer. Also, I get a bit self-conscious.

Most of my own stories are still being written, and as I generally prefer not to post something unless it's been finished, so I don't run out of interest before the story is over, I mainly post a few poems first.

Any way, almost all of the authors and stories I've faved here have been on my bookmarks for ages, some I haven't read in a while but I must have liked something about it. I'm also a very VERY selective reader so... go check them out. I generally prefer to fave the authors rather than their stories, because in general, if I like one of their stories, the same applies for the rest of their writing. So if I like all their stories it's much more convenient to just fave the author. I fave a story, normally it's just the one story I liked or it was read recently. I might go back and read the rest, then fave the author instead. :P

I read a lot of slash too so if you can't stand yaoi, check the warnings in the summary first. Not everything I read is slash so go through the list. Brilliant stories you have to read are Drazuki's "My Toaster Thinks I'm Crazy" and Maderr's stories... Yes, all of them. Aggybird's "Make The Yuletide Gay" and "Greg The Vampire" are also must reads...

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