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Edit profile. Okay. So, what do you need to know about me?

My name is Cira, which is pronounced with a K = Kira. Even people who know me seem to forget sometimes.

I read a lot. And fast. I like stories that include romance, a little humour, a dash of angst, and a happy end. I love stories with a good plot, be that a mystery or a developing relationship or a Quest for the Good to Triumph over Evil. I adore complex characters, and if there is a clear development of those characters I'm bound to be swooning with delight. The God Eaters by Jumping Jack Flash/Jesse Hajicek is a wonderful example of all that.

I don't often review. I'm a pretty picky reader and six years of studying literature have left me with a literary critic on my left shoulder who won't shut up. Literary critic is a horned beast and rarely nice.

Sometimes, I write. I don't get a lot done, though, because I'm blessed with an overactive imagination and a muse suffering from ADHS.

I'm not a native speaker of English.

I' working towards my PhD.

For the time being, this account is for me to keep track of stories and authors.

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