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I thought that it might be more useful to put a semblence of author's notes up here where everyone can see them. So expect this area to be updated when I manage to update here...


Current Status of Stories:

Falling From Heaven: Currently on hold. I do plan to finish it, but I ended up losing four chapters off of my hard drive. It's going to take a lot of effort to rewrite it and its a little dissapointing to have to rewrite all of that again.

it all starts with a kiss: Expect a chapter a month with this. I'm enjoying it so much that the chapters are just coming out of my head.

Stolen Kisses: I've started the next chapter and hope that if I get this anime for Christmas, it will inspire me to write more.

Karaoke: This is the big one. Most of my other stuff will be pushed back as I force myself to finish this. It's all plotted out in my head, the last two songs are chosen, and I just need about a day, uninterrupted, to finish the next part. Personally, I feel this has some of my best writing, but the chapters are becoming monsterous.

wicked: Will be finished before January 31, 2003. That's when the contest ends. I won't be posting chapters here until they're up on the challenge website.

and as an extra note: I've changed my email address kayla@. I was having problems with both my hotmail and yahoo accounts. I promise to do my best to answer anyone who emails me here at this address. I can't promise much with the other accounts. ^^

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