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Hola! My pen name is Bryn Elizabeth, and you may recognize me from fanfiction. I also write quite a big of original work, both stories and poetry, and am excited to showcase it here and get feedback!

About Me:

I was born here, in Florida, but I am 100 Cuban. I am the middle child- my brother is in college and my sister is a toddler. We speak Spanish at home.

My best friend is Mila, A.K.A. Hollie Trust. She also has an account here. We swim on our school's swim team. I also dive on the team, as I have danced and tumbled for years.

What's Coming Up:

Everything- Detective Andy Harding was forced to turn in his resignation after becoming romantically involved with his partner, Hannah Aston. Two years later, not having seen her or any member of the squad since he was let go, he sees Hannah at the Sweet Sixteen of the dear daughter of a fellow detective. Hannah has a major shocker and some angry words for Andy. "What is there to talk about?" "Everything."

Naturals- In the future, everyone has been genetically engineered to be perfect and agreeable. But Lexie's engineering had a flaw, and now she's been exiled to live among the Naturals- who aren't supposed to exist.

Sketches- Tali DiVina is a half-Italian and half-Israeli sketch artist. Someone wants to capture her beauty in their art. Slowly, he begins to get her essence on paper... And win her heart.

Expect A LOT of poetry... I'll try to post it as I write it!

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