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Back to nothing.

Nothing is fun.

Im probably the strangest person you'll ever met.

I have trouble with beginnings, but not endings.

Welcome to my strange world.

Not allowed.

You cannot send a message to yourself.

I detest Facebook. And monkies.

You CAN fly.

Math ruins my fun.

The real question is: Why not?

The equation to the universe is not easily explained in one go, but itself can be manipulated by being watched and time itself can become problem, not the solution.

What made you bitter?

Are we an illusion?

Remember you're unique...just like everyone else.

I like cookies but that becomes of rocks and smack you in the head.


Why can't we be ourselves?

I want a unicorn and to stab this table with a fork. Blackout. Explain the spaces that are missing. Question dot period. Rejected from the rejects of society to found a new place to rebuild our land.
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