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I love to write short stories of varying genres, but focus on angst ridden drama. Ever seen Wolf's Rain? Do that, or if you have a WII, play Fragile Dreams. It's a gorgeous drama of a young boy who searches for humans in a seemingly empty world.

If I lived in a place where it rained a lot, or where the harsh eye of the sun didn't glare down too brightly, then maybe my muse and I could whip out more stories on a regular basis. But really, I'm enjoy writing. Small numbers add up.

It should be noted that the following stories are part of 'one universe' that I've concocted: yes, i too dabble in OC universes that will make no sense to anyone but me. What can I say -- I'm awful at fanfiction!!!
(Earliest known events listed first, later events naturally placed last...)

Suffer in Silence (Keisuke-centric, Youji)
I Don't Feel It Anymore (Toki-centric, Ryudin)
The Acrobat (Ryudin-centric)
The Special Two (Ryudin x Toki)
In Between (Ryudin, Toki, Youji, Keisuke) borrowing my friends characters (Youko & Satori)
Tremors of the Night makes use of Ryudin and Toki, but is not part of the before mentioned universe. (S.A.C.)


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