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Name: Aliya

Age: Between 15-25

Birthday: June 27

Where I live: Chicago, but in the suburbs, but I live about half an hour away, 2 hours away in rush hour

Interests: Reading (duh), writing (bigger duh), shopping, hanging out, watching movies, random stuff which i honestly cant remember

I have a livejournal...no idea how to use it though :P

Favorite Books: Anything by Sarah Dessen or Jodi Picoult. I'm a big fan of any Nicholas Sparks books.

Favorite Shows: Glee! I'm such a gLeek, i listen to the songs all the time and recorded all the tv shows into my computer. I love that show! I also like American Idol especially since Lee Dewyze won last season! woo-hoo!! Mt. Prospect is only about 20 minutes away from where I live. Plus my dad personally knows his mom.

Favorite Movies: Any chick flick like the proposal, She's the Man, Sydney White, the Ugly Truth, the Devil Wears Prada, A Walk to Remember, Titanic, the Notebook and a lot more!

Right, now I'm guessing that most of you people did not read anything above those three stars. Right? If you didn't, then I love you. Really. You are one of those few people in the world who are patient. But if you didn't then YOU HAVE TO READ THIS PART:

There is going to be a very small chance that I am going to post stories up here. I sadly don't own a laptop, so I have no where to save my stories. Also, I'm a closet writer or whatever it's called, so no one in my family knows that I like to write stories. Which is why I can't save stories on the family computer. I could write a story and then save it on my email as a draft and have it risk getting lost in the internet. I don't know what to do exactly.

That said, I might post stories up here by using the email thing. It could work...I guess. But first I have to write stories. I have 5 stories which have their outlines finished just waiting for me to write it out but I don't have the time. I just had finals done last week so...yeah. I want time to hang out with friends relaxing and stuff.

Wonderful website that had wonderful stories that wonderful people should read. Wonderfully

go check it out: adropofromeo.webs . com

without those two spaces of course

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