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Hello! I'm Amy
I'm your Average 16 year old,
I am not very outgoing,
but i try.
I'm totally new to the whole writing scene
but I do love to write stories,
usually they start off as random stuff when
my friends and I are joking around
but they some how transform
and end up actually pretty good.

I think my being good at writing
has something to do with some elaborate
jokes I play on my friends.
I can't watch a mediocre movie with my friends
without figuring out how it ends
or whats going to happen next,
my friends hate this about me...(haha)
Every once in a blue moon
I get the inspiration to write a poem or two.

I would like to say something about my friend
Ivory(AKA Little girl Big world)
she is the whole reason I'm on this Website,
She is an Amazing Poet
and an even better best friend,
you can find her in my
Favorite Authors.

~Favorite Quote(at the moment)~
I've come to my sences,
that I've become senseless,"
-Less than Jake-

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