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Welcome to my humble abode :D If you've somehow stumbled across my fp account, you may or may not be disappointed that I actually haven't written or posted anything BUT I am very very proud of my 'Favorites' as the americans spell it but really, I had some discovered some pretty damn awesome stories on FP hence the huge favourites list. Well I think it's huge anyway.

So please, browse my favourites if you're looking for a good read which most of them are, I like to think, above mediocre. It should be mentioned that I created my FP account when I was 15 so my taste and style and undertanding of stories have changed. Some stories were cooler when I was younger, but I can't take them off because at that moment I truly appreciated that story being in my life.

I'm welcome to any suggestions on FP, but I have to admit my standards today are quite high (not in a bitchy way but a solid, good plot, proper grammar and a little bit more depth regarding the boy with beautiful eyes).

Btw, my name is Zainab and I've finally turned 18 a month ago :)

Please, send me a message and let me know what you think of the stories on my favourites -good, bad, why the hell are they on your favourites, etc.

Also, What was written below was 15yr old me and deleting that embarrassing summary would be nice, but it's who I was. am? whatever lol

Thanks for reading

Hmmm, what to say...

Basically, im 15 years old...I go to an all girls school in Aussieland...

I'm Muslim and proud...

I've been called deranged in the head, entertaining, moody and some other not so nice names...

I love my friends and cousins...though could do without my family's opinion more often than not...

I am obsessed with books as they get me away from reality...some of my favs are:

The Sevenwaters Trilogythe book that came out after it although im not all that sure if they've changed the series from a trilogy...?

Vampire Academy series -i don't care how many people think the name sounds cliched..i love em!

Hunger Games currently waiting to be able to go the book shop to buy Catching Fire

Cherub series and i think age doesnt matter all that much for this series cause tis quite awesome...and im waitin on my friend to give me Brigands MC...

the Twilight saga but i aint a crazed fan girl..although i kinda used to be...sad, i know...

The Host -suprisingly different and i luv it xD

City of Glass series although the writing ain't the best, i got a soft spot for Clary and Jace...particulary Jace ;D

Harry Potter -methinks it shall be a classic forever n eva..

aaah, i know therz like a billion more, but theyr just not coming to me at the moment...

I'm not the happiest person in the world, but I ain't emo...but i can go hypo...which annoys the hellz outa my mates xD

I'm not very happy with school at the moment, with all the damned tests n assignments i got coming up :'(

anyhuu, if your still readin this, im open for book recommendations of almost anything except for mystery/crime kinda stuff...i like them, but i can never get into it much...


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