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HEY! my names vampire chica i love vampires im in high school i just got into reading in November of '08 i love to read now i got in some trouble withit cus i wouldnt show up for school ordo any work if i did show up but i stopped that since i got grounded from reading till summer of '09 i still read on the internet but got band from that some times i get on anyway but i love to read. what can you do? =) but i like to us text in a conversation alot.I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT I CANT SPELL WORTH CRAP! lmao but i also would like to point out my favorite authors LYNSAY SANDS AND STEPHENIE MEYER they both got me reading well STEPHENIE MEYER did but LYNSAY SANDS she really got me reading i started reading 'TWILIGHT' by STEPHENIE MEYER but i got out of reading that when i explored the other vampire books i looked for Romance novels but i found a book called 'SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE ' by LYNSAY SANDS and i got hooked i went out and order'd all vampire romances novels out of the library and still looked every where i went and i now have read 59 different kinds of Vamppire romances and mythical stuff like wearwolfs and faiys and fairys and there are more but i dont remember but there wur plain ones like humans finding and loosing love Romance books so stilll love half the romance ones on FICTIONPRESS.COM love the VAMPIRE ROMANCE ones and the ROMANCE ones to. =) i also love smiles so if you dont mind my bable message me on here i dont like my email its to weird i cant get it right so i perfer messages here or on YOU GET TO TELL UR OWN STORIES AND HERE ALSO I HAVE THEM BOTH ON MY HOME PAGES LIST WITH MYSPACE. OF COURSE! and on to but idk if its any thing u like but i do its types of shows .I

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