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No one is ever going to read this, but i do read other people's profiles some times so lets hope there is some one out there like me.

I'm Hannah. I'm a year older than i was last year and i like writing. I can't promise you everything i put up here will be finished because i'm a very busy person and extremely lazy one at that, so updates won't be very frequent, but i try. I like to have lots of projects going on at one time, which is probably the stupidest thing an author can do, but hey, i don't care, i like choosing which story i want to work on.

So here's my info.

My favourite book series is a tie between the Tomorrow Series (and the series that came after that, The Ellie Chronicles.) and The Twilight Saga (of course).

My favourite band can't be decided so i will list the bands i like: The arcade fire, Blur, The decemberists, The Elected, Rilo Kiley, Jump into the Gospel, Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, The new pornographers, Radiohead (LOVE THEM), Pulp, (some of) The Black Keys and (some of) The Who.

My favourite artists are: Jenny Lewis, Van Morrison, Curtis Mayfield, Terry Reid, Neil Young, James Brown, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Cat Stevens (shut up! just shut up! Don't tease me!), Billy Joel (shut up! just shut up!), Eddie Vedder, Juliana Hatfield (from the Juliana Hatfield 3, the band) and lots of other people.

Authors: John Green, John Marsden and Stephanie Meyer (can't think of any others).

DISCLAIMER: To be honest i don't really like writing romance, but it seems to be the only genre on here that actually gets read. So if i write romance really bad, don't hate me.

Third Wheel


Status: Currently being revised

Aggy has always been the third wheel to the bicycle, Chace, her brother and Rob, her brother's best-friend ever since Halloween many years ago. But now Aggy and Rob are falling for each other and it's threatening to ruin everything, Aggy's future, Rob's future and especially the wonky bicycle they had built ages ago. Can Aggy pull through the school year and make it with out stuffing up everything?

You belong with me...


Status: Incomplete

Jackson 'Jack' Daniels was in love with Ivory 'Ivy' Martin, he just didn't know it yet, or at least that's what Ivy thought. Inspired by Taylor Swift's You belong with me. Strangely...

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