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Name: Why you wanna know? Coughstalkercough Jk... But still you don't gotta know;P

Gender: Female...! The female population rulez! (No offense to the male population... I still love'em!)

Age: Don't have 1... I'm immortal! Lol:D

Favorite Colors: Blue, purple, & red:)

Favorite Music: I don't really have a fave. It just depends on the songs:D

Favorite Stories: Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy or any other good story...

You might have noticed that my favorite's list is long and I have one story posted... Yeah about that... I'm a reader (A very loyal reader might I add... I'll stick with your story through thick and thin! Which is usually thick 'cause no one wants to update!!) not a writer! I just can't bring my self to delete anything (My author's list is also long like really really long... So yeah.) I'll try and read anything... If it's awesome I'll probably go to my e-mail everyday just to check if the story I'm obssessed with (at the moment) is updated!! So if I'm hooked on your story expect many reviews and annoying private messages from me!:) So I'll shut up now... You're probably thinking I don't care I just wanna read stories from your list I'm sorry for wasting your time but seriously if you didn't want to read it why read it? Anyways virtual kisses to anybody who visited my profile page and read all the random stuff I wrote... The bunny appreciates it too... So bunny give'em a cookie just for visiting and reading my profile! Lol;)


This is bunny copy and paste him on your profile and help him achive world domination

Come to the Dark Side... MWAHAHAHA!! We have COOKIES:)

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