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Hey peoples whats up? Well I assume that you want to read stories.

Well my name is Kadie. But here I guess I'll just go by Thirteen.

I'm 16 years old my b-day is in March

My favorite colors are black and green

If you haven't figured it out yet i guess i should mention that I am (physically at least) a girl. Well more of a tomboy but same difference

I enjoy reading, writing, fruit, sugar or any type of food with a high sugar content, skate boarding, potatoes, muffins, flying monkeys, and hobos

I once saw a hobo who had a pink backpack I named him Bob because Bob is a cool name.

I love anime and manga which is why I have a fanfiction account under the same name

I stopped watching Blues Clues once they got rid of Steve I cried for an hour.

My room is called my 'Lair' or 'Cave' by my family and I hardly ever leave it.

I am very random

I like apples...

people and me do not work well together.

The alien potato is affectionately named Potena of the Potainia planet, its one of Pluto's moons.

I don't care what anyone says Pluto is a planet and the best one ever!

when i get board in class i create character sheets then a story. i have a lot of character sheets. i actually like to get to know my characters and spend a lot of time on them.

My friends think I'm crazy just because I talk to the voices. No one else hears them but that just means I'm spushel! I dislike human contact highly.

A mix between candy and juice is called cluice which is a main product of Potainia!

I like writing about fantasy and stuff like that. Lately I've only been able to write yaoi so I can't write anything with a female protagonist...

Well that is all I can think of so yeah I will let you move on now... I am serious you can keep moving... Why are you still here? ... You have been dismissed... Fine then stay if you want!

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