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I'm sixteen, I'm a junior and most of my time I'm a student.

Here's a few things you should know about me. My birthday is on October 11th. I love to listen to music and read. That's how I love to pass the time away! :D I'm a very trusting person, but I don't like to give second chances to people. My cousin once told me a quote that has stuck with me, "First Time: Shame on you. Second Time: Shame on me. Third Time: Non existent." I'm a friendly person, and usually very nice. But I have a quick temper which I usually hide very well. :D I laugh a lot at random things and at my own jokes. I wish I had dark red hair but alas! It doesn't go very well with my olive skin tone! I don't write a lot so go easy on me! I don't like to let anyone read what I write but I decided I should man up and just submit a one shot I wrote a while back... I'm tall! I stand at 5'10! Which means I tower over a lot of my friends! D: But I'm getting used to it! (being tall) :D

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