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I'm a 28-year-old Australian writer. I churn out novels like crazy, so I can understand it can definitely be hard to keep up with all my stories. I love tea, organic make-up, eclectic clothes and of course, reading books.


Nemesis Rising - rated M
Historical fiction
As the bastard children of King Rience of Anglesey, Sian and Emrys Trevelian have little expectations. Then Rience’s eldest trueborn son and heir dies suddenly, and suspicion runs rife throughout Anglesey. The twins’ peaceful existence is uprooted as they are sent to Rience’s old enemy in Camelot - King Arthur Pendragon. Emrys must serve as a squire and Sian as a maid, but their true mission is more nefarious still. They are spies, commanded by their father to report back on what happens in court. They quickly discover that Arthur’s glittering court is not as beautiful as it first appears, and the cracks are starting to show. Sian soon finds herself involved with Mordred, the youngest and most dangerous of Arthur’s nephews.
Characters: {Sian Trevelian} {Emrys Trevelian} {Mordred Lothian}

Shattered Moon (Book 1 in the Desolation Chronicles) - rated T
Space opera
The death of Corinne Delroy scattered her seven children to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Five years later, the destruction of a research laboratory draws the siblings back in. As an empire-wide conspiracy unfolds, they uncover a series of buried, horrific truths that could unravel the thread of tranquillity that has been holding the galaxy together.
Characters: {Will Delroy} {Merryn} {Teague Delroy} {Sybil Clark} {Baron Tate} {Mercer Tate}

Ace of Spades (Book 1 in the City of Wonder Trilogy) - rated T
Fantasy/science fiction
Alix's only concern is waiting tables. She has nothing to do with the politics of the four ruling factions of the City, and she doesn't particularly care. That's until an enigmatic stranger called Ivory arrives at the Three Wise Monkeys to inform Alix that there are people looking for her. Whisked away from everything she knows, Alix discovers that she is a Mystic, someone wielding magical power. She and Ivory join forces with an amnesiac fighter known only as M Hatter, with the promise they will help restore his memories. Then a bomb goes off at the Centennial Ball - an event all four of the City's monarchs hosted, and Alix becomes tangled in the politics she sought to avoid when a shocking revelation comes to light.
Characters: {Alix} {Ruby Thorn} {Chess Shire} {Ivory Lepus} {Adrian Darke} {M Hatter}


Godkiller - rated M
Arryn Birkett knows the story of the Godfall. Hell, who doesn’t? Three hundred years ago, the demi-gods rose up against the Titans and Olympians. After a long war, the demi-gods stole their immortality and stripped them of all but a spark of their power, sentencing them to a drawn-out mortal existence as punishment for their crimes. One by one the gods were hunted down and killed, and the demi-gods reigned supreme, no less callous than their predecessors. What’s kind of bullshit is that Arryn has grown up knowing she’s the last of the demi-gods, a fact that could get her captured or killed by her ambitious half-siblings and cousins
Characters: {Arryn Birkett} {Maddox} {Fergus} {Nadine} {Clara Birkett} {Tyrus}


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