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Hello there, you who hath stumbled upon my profile. This will be the site of my postings of everything having to do with my NaNoWriMo 2009 novel, Ever Dream. In which pretty much everyone is gay. If you do not like that, please proceed onward. If you DO like that, then welcome to the continent of Lyros.

I will be using my profile to post links to the map and to character drawings on deviantArt (http://), as well as to post short character descriptions/relationships and brief histories, so you can be up-to-date on everything in this world.

Lyros map can be found at http:///art/Map-of-Lyros-195297268

Character information at http:///user/RenRentheGreat


Backstories Collection: Dreamscapes

Book 1: Ever Dream

Book 2: Remnants of a Dream

Book 3: The Neverending Dream

Book 4: Dreams of Midnight

plus a boatload of drabbles and whatnot x3

EDIT: I know I said I'd start posting Remnants next, now that all of Ever Dream's up, but while I'm editing it I keep realizing how much stuff wouldn't make sense because I've never gone too deep into anyone's backstories. So my new plan is to start uploading my various backstory things, and then go to Remnants. The two will probably run concurrently, so there will be new plot stuffs for you beautiful people that bother to put up with me and my characters ]

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