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Here are some COMPLETED stories that I found extremely well-written and touching on this site...

Full Court Press by BreeJalil

Unbreak My Heart ยป by Clavel

The Bluest Eyes by Vivian Locke

Petals by Danielle Night

My Darling Bunny by Tatiana Moore

Thoughtless by Cupid's Psyche

Collision Course by Cupid's Psyche

Jilted by serako

One Night by awaitinglove

In Sickness and In Health by treadondreams

Serenading Selina Sorrentino by Vena Cava

The Tragedy of Ryan & Julie by Saturdai

To Stay Below The Sea by DevonnyAuriel

Personal Bias by Le Meg

Get a Life by AfterPartyFiasco

The Melody of Love by I-think-therefore-I-am

Letting Go by dizzydesi

In The Cookie Jar by productofdreams

Chasing Mr Darcy by Vena Cava

Fourteen Months & Two Days by Someday-I-will-Understand

When Doves Cry by jammi

Web of Lies by Polished Gem

Hugs and Kisses by this is the life

She Will Be Loved by this is the life

Being with You by xoxluurve

Beside You by sarahwj

Our Room by Speak For the Noise

The Inexplicable State of Being There by big.break.and.laryngitis

Tissues And Romance Novels by awaitinglove

Happy Endings by jennycraig10

Swish by lovelyhead

Jasey Rae by ThereAfter

For You by Quill-and-Blood

Old World Charm by Quill-and-Blood

Cheater, Cheater by Quill-and-Blood

Hey, Babe by theyStoleMyPenName

This list will be updated as I continue

devouring books on this site and when I start to remember the stories i have read...

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