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Joined May '09

Hiya there!:)Name is Cheyenne.

I'm loud, weird, random, crazy, and too outgoing!;

I love writing, singing, & photography.

Sunsets, learning new things that catch me, looking up at the sky night & day ; amaze me. :)

I like brightness, so you should know I love the sun, but Fall is my favorite season.

I like so be spontaneous and out there. I most of the time hate being center of attention.

Simple is best.

I am just trying to find what I want to do with my life, right now. & Who are my real friends.

I put God in everything I do. Even if you don't tend to see it, i know I do. I still make mistakes, i'll never be perfect and I don't wanna be.

I think I am 10 OCD!=)

I love and care easily. & love helping out, ecspecially giving advice. I'll be honest with you and won't lie, that's why sometimes people hate getting advice to me, cause I always try to show them the right in it..and if what their doing is wrong, I atleast try to tell them, but it can be hard.

I love how my fashion is different from so many others. :)

I'm chubby, but beautiful:)!

Get at me, I love meeting new people!:)

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