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I'm currently working on a story, without a title at the moment, that I'm not posting until it is really gets going somewhere. But so far, it's one of my favorite stories that I've written. If anyone is interested in reading what I have so far and telling me what you think, please let me know!

So here is a summary of the only story I have posted (so far).

Gin and Tonic: Hiatus-- because I started writing it over a year ago, and some of the plot seemed a little too far fetched. I like the characters though, so I will try and rework it so it makes more sense.

This story is about a woman name Evlin who was basically at the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up getting herself kidnapped by a psychopathic killer named Damon. Evlin also has some baggage: when she was a teenager she watched her parents die (if you read the story you will find out more about that- because there IS a lot more about that) AND she just recently broke up with a boyfriend who had tried to kill her. So yea, her life was pretty messed up already without getting mixed up with Damon. But along comes Aric, who rescues her from Damon. BUT the problem now, is that Damon, being the intelligent psychopathic killer that he is, framed Evlin for his past murders. Evlin is left with Aric, running away from Damon. And as if she needed more problems, she falls in love...

New Year:

I just posted this story and I am so far, in love with it! You can read the summary that I posted by the link.

Just to let you all know: my favorite part about writing, is coming up with the ideas for stories AND I apologize in advanced if my writing is horrible!

Thanks for reading!

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