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I like to write on my own terms. Not in school though. They make it boring most of the time.

I like to draw, even though I suck most of the time.

I love music, all of the time.

I'm a Capricorn, so I'm "Ambitious, Patient, Humorous, Reserved, Miserly, Fatalistic, and On The Dark Side." Yuuup.

I get in a some-what depressed state sometimes, so if my stories take a turn for the worst, it's okay. Things'll get better, because I always bounce back. Also, I get over-hyper sometimes, so my chapters/stories may seem crazy. I'm not insane.

Name- Ann

Age- -_-

Favorite Shows- Xiaolin Showdown (It got cancelled! D:) Survivor, Penguins of Madagascar (ROXS!!), and some others...

Favorite Moives- Avatar, and all six Star Wars Moives.

Favorite Book Series- Leven Thumps and Percy Jackson.

Favorite Songs- Too much to list.


Working on one... I think I'm calling it Elements. Yup. I just decided that's what I'm calling it. Though, by the time you read this, it'll probably already be up...


Read my stories and you'll find out about them. I'll put info on them here later though...


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