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Hi. I'm Sophie.

I enjoy writing. It is mostly a bored pasttime, but I could say I would like to do it for a living.

I have some pretty good story starts, but I just can't follow through with things. I guess it's just my personality. So don't expect regular updates. I might put a lot of stuff up in a week, but nothing for the next month. I get really bad writers block. I have had some really bad spells, but I'm just lazy now. (Most of my profile is older stuff, so my profile has at least some sustanance.)

I'm going to be starting a new novel soon.

My writing is heavily influenced by things happening in my life at the moment and past experiences revisited. I love to snatch inspiration from my best friends and random theatre pieces.

Eskye is a good friend and author of mine. If you like my stuff, you should surely check her out. Her style is a bit different, but it's AWESOME!!

Anyway, I hope you find my pieces enjoyable. Review if you like (they are much appreciated).

Good luck with your muffin,

Sophie :3

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