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Hey, my name is Kiriana. Kiri for short.

I'm 23, have black hair with red streaks, blue eyes, and I'm married. Finaly.

One thing almost no one knows about me is that i've always wanted to be a writer but I'm completly and totaly incapable of finishing anything.

Oh yeah, just a note...I am the worst at grammar(I don't even know how to seperate my scentences into paragraph...i know i'm a failure...) and I have complete ownage to the shittiest writing ever so I won't be offened if you come out and tell me that I am the worst writer, ever. I swear. Also! I feel so stupid and immature to a select few of the writers on this site. Mainly slash writers for some unknown reason...

I'm searching for a beta whos fast, talented, and open to anything. Even fanfiction.


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