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hi its me deathangel! all im going to say is that i enjoy reading everyones stories and hope that i can enjoy even more! in the time to come i will be majoring in art in Tokyo! im currently in the big TX though... 5 things to know about me 1: im not telling any1 my name unless they really want to know 2: im a punk person and have burgundy blonde and orange in my (if ur gunna judge then save it) 3: i like punk, alternative and rock/hard rock three of my fav bands are Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars and Our Lady Peace 4: i very much dislike people who judge others when they dont even know anything about them...trust me ive taken alot of it and dont want to put up with anymore bs and 5: im a very blunt person and with speak the truth (wether hurtful or complimenting), also and i am an outgoing person and very artsy lol! oh and btw i go by lunasea and deathangel so anyone is fine

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