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Hi everyone!! :) Here is some info about me:

1. I LOVE to read!! Quite honestly, I am such a bookworm that sometimes my friends have to steal my books from my hands just so that I won't read while they talk to me. :)

2. I am quite the optimist. My friend are always telling me that I look on the bright side of things which, quite honestly, is a really nice compliment.

3. I don't like to swear. I don't care if any of my friends swear but I believe that people can find better ways to express their frustration/anger/what have you than by swearing.

4. I don't have any stories up because I don't have any clue as to what I would write about and I much prefer reading. :)

5. The main reason why I have an account on fiction press is so that I can review stories and add them to my favorites list which, as you can see, is quite long. ;)

6. I am not going to tell you my age/location because I don't like telling strangers personal information about me. No offense to anyone!! :)

7. I love practically any kind of music (rock, country, pop, etc.).

8. Um... My account name is "Bubbly Girl" because I can get really hyper at times but in the good sort of way. I'm kind of spastic. :)

9. I LOVE to swim!! I am on a swim team and it is SO much fun!! Swimming is most definitely my passion. :) (Along with reading, that is!!) I have been swimming for 8 years now. :)

10. I have two sisters. One older and one younger. Bleh, I am the middle child. For all of you out there who are also the middle child, I UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN!! :)

11. I don't want to brag or offend anyone but if you are looking for good stories to read on fictionpress, just look through my favorites. It may take you awhile to get through the whole list but it is DEFINITELY worth it. Go on. Check it out!! :)

12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate!! :) But what girl doesn't?? :)

13. 13 is my lucky number. I know this may seem weird to some of you but I am pretty weird so...

14. I don't like any guys at the moment. I just haven't found anyone who has caught my interest, as of late.

15. My favorite colors are teal, bright deep blue (if that even makes any sense) and purple.

16. I can't think of anything else so if you have a question just Private Message it to me and I will email you back. :) Enjoy!! :)


Hello everybody!! :) Thank you so much to everyone who has voted on my pole!! It means a lot to me. :) To those of you who haven't; please do. I really like hearing from everybody who have visited my profile and what your opinions about my favorite stories are. :)

Also, a big thanks to Nightwalkr who helped me out with my photo problem!! :)

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